hey hey hey - its faaaaat ana!

IM FINALLY BACK! ive been out of town, busy, and brain-dead. But at last, i am getting back to life, and actually enjoying it. My body's adjusting to my medicine, and i am finally feeling more creative again! More fun! It's like the chains are falling away.

Im in the mood for change. I sort of cant wait til Peter Pan is over so i can get some more piercings and stop this weight worry :( then again i will probably keep worrying about the weight until i take off the pounds ive gained since starting the depakote

Speaking of Peter Pan, thats going well. I feel pretty successful with my progress. We havent started flying quite yet, and my back is hurting an awful lot.. sciatica and such. I have some muscle relaxers and pain medicine, but they make me sleepy - not preferable when running a two hour show!

I love you all, members of blogville!! I cant wait to catch up again


  1. Good to hear from you and break a leg.

  2. Welcome back to the blogosphere. Good luck when you do start flying.