Capture this in a bottle!!

senses dont make sensei didnt know a clock could tick so much
i cant even walk without falling because gravity doesnt work with my body
physics and quantum mechanics are dusty old words in dusty books in the past because nothing applies anymore. i take up space in this space and so does he and we all press on a key and the key presses against us a simple action and reaction force it makes a sound!
people are talking in places and in my little boxes like in the cupboard or something. dave dane DANE COOK is on the box.
my dog trying nto figure out a strategy to eat the bone as i try and type this out. she tries but its too plastic she tries but its brittle she tries and she tries again.
tick tick tick tick on your neck nothing on your neck
a comfy couch is not enough to hold my back and this laptop feels like...
it is a portal.

i wonder who put this clock here and i wonder why and im all alone



I went to the doctor today to see if i have mono or something, because im tired constantly. Could easily be my medications, but its more recent than that. Either way i have to stop trazodone to see if thats what makes me so tired. so now i wont be able to sleep. great.

Cant get off abilify until christmas break. Ugh.

I still eat way too much. My appetite is insatiable.. hmph. It got way better when i was off birth control, so im thinking thats a big contributing factor.

So tired. Dont want to do school work. Don't even want to be awake.