Off Abilify!

And loving it! I also finally got back to taking klonopin, which really helps my anxiety. Lately i have anxiety in crowds, in cars, in school.. its exhausting. Ive missed school too much because i have felt overwhelmed and i have an ungodly amount of catching up to do. Luckily, my boyfriend is amazing, and when i need cheering up or calming down, hes there. Theres lots more to write about, but i have to jet. Later!


  1. I just stopped taking my abilify three days ago and I also feel better. More energized and clear headed. I hope you continue to do well off the meds.

  2. My whole life is a constant battle with meds. Right now I'm on Seroquel which leaves me completely stoned and unable to function. But I took myself off of it all summer and CRASHED big time. suicidal 24/7! So now I have to choose the lesser of the two evils! On meds or OFF meds?? I don't know!!!
    I think all people suffering with a mental illness have a love/hate relationship with their medication.
    Anyway, glad your feeling some relief right now

  3. yeah i agree.
    seroquel can have awful side effects, is there anything else that can help you without them?

  4. Abilify is the devil's drug. It made me crazier than cootie brown. Hope you keep having a good result not being on it. It's a little easier to deal with when you have a good support, sounds like your boyfriend is that for you.