throw me in the landfill

ive been in agony all day. I stayed away from drinking on Friday night, i had gone back home and i went to see a friend's band play at a bar. it was a good time. I came back home, did some campus tours, and worked at a charity auction. I didnt feel very good. Id been at the hospital that morning. I slept until 11pm, and then i got up and went out to the frat houses. Bad Idea number 1. I drank way too much, most of the night is a haze. I fell off the front steps and re-sprained my ankle and its huge and very sore. I have a large scrape on my right knee and some bruises on my left foot and leg. I couldve easily gotten arrested, there were officers all around the KA house, but i walked right past them several times. Anyway, i woke up this morning to puke and continued puking and sleeping in intervals until 5pm. There was nothing in my system all day, i couldnt eat. I tried to drink water and threw it back up. It got so bad that my body was so empty id throw up stomach bile and acids and disgusting bodily fluids and even blood one time. My friends considered taking me to the ER for dehydration because ive been dizzy, weak, unfocused, thirsty, dry mouth, headache, unable to sweat, havent peed since this morning, like fourteen hours ago. If my condition persists ill go to the doctor, but for now im in my room, sipping water and broth. So far im holding it down. I need to sleep but when i close my eyes the room spins and i get nauseous. My friends cleaned my room for me today, including some of my vomit- blech. They were so nice, bringing me food, doing my laundry, cleaning my room... they felt bad that i was in such an awful condition, they also encouraged me to do homework and plan some things for the week. I love them, and im so glad they care about me so much. It really made my day exponentially better to have them around. hopefully i can wake up tomorrow for class. I really need to go to calculus. I also need to complete the homework and finish a paper - i couldnt do anything except try to hold my stomach down today, so i hope my professors will understand. I legit called the hospital to see if anyone there could advise me about whether or not to get IV fluids from the ER, but i was put on hold for like twenty minutes and said fuck it. so, thats my story for today, im going to continue sipping my broth and keeping it in my tummy. i hope i feel better soon.
love to all,