Not a Duck Duck Duck

not a goose goose goose... haha

3 hour absorption rate? Nox

Mother, let me into your luscious caves. Do not hide secrets from me in your caverns. Even the rosebuds are withering, caked in their own blood.

our intellect assumes instinctively that the world is motionless, things are there and motion is added to them as it were. we try to reconstruct motion starting from motionlessness, but in reality it is motion not things that is primary. things are not entities to which motion is added but mental crystallizations of motion..
it seems to follow from this that the world is essentially mental, each of us is a physical body moving among other physical bodies and subject to all the laws of the physical universe..

created ex nihilo?
i wonder what the world is like apart from my consciousness. not as an object of my perception.

but there is hair burning in the stove, darling, why cant the children spell u-n-i-v-e-r-s-e?

I have had a wonderful day. i smell like boy.


  1. Now you're speaking my language!

    I don't think we can know what the world is like apart from our perceptions of it. Our senses and our brains are products of the tinkerer that is evolution, and therefore we cannot perceive or process reality objectively and accurately.

  2. I've heard if your on LSD it helps see thing in a whole new perspective, maybe not an accurate one but a new one anyway. :) Not that anyone can really know what's accurate. And not that I'm suggesting you give that a try. :)
    It is kind of frustrating to be limited my the senses of the human body isn't it. I think most people are a little curious about what's out there that we don't sense.

  3. Yes, i think you're right, and i have a feeling it will frustrate me, haha
    but fascinating endlessly..

    lol well ill think about it ;D ha. I like to think there must be things we do not have the capability to sense yet..