Your heart and mine

There is plenty to write about, but i doubt i'll remember the half of it.
Medication rising, stabilizing. But that's whatever. I'm almost into some good free time.. Hopefully my parents will take their pissy pants off soon. they worry and care and blah blah, okay cool, but shit, if you think im making a mistake let me fucking learn from it, okay?
Oh well.

It seems im told to seize the day, yet when i try, im bitched at for not planning enough for the future. Why do i suck at happy mediums?
Oh wait, thats right. Im goddamn bipolar.

Also, i'm really tired.. I feel like i should have more energy than this. Like my human system should be a little more efficient.

My brain is a dead zone.
I think Mother nature set a spark
in the hearts of our developing minds
our advances in consciousness
but we turned it into a forest fire
of greed and arrogance....
utter destruction


I hope nothing matters in the end.

This post will be updated soon.