Coming out of my cage and i've been doing just fine

Funny how little moments can bring your whole day down. I felt good, i took a nice nap after work, i was keeping my head held high like ive been trying to do, and then i hear something and overthink it, i blow it out of proportion, and i feel bad again. I'll get over it momentarily, its just not very nice to think about. Boy's been talking to other girls although he "isnt allowed to talk to girls this week" so ive had literally zero contact with him, and i wouldnt care if it weren't those circumstances. I need to talk, because i need support. Im not being selfish, this week has been difficult for me and i've been going through it alone. Ive kept a smile on my face regardless of my struggles, which isnt easy, but im doing it. And i would appreciate it if people wouldn't unnecessarily blow me off when i need them. Thats a completely acceptable thought, right?

Anyway, my day has been uneventful. Ive been tired. Still have no appetite, i've been losing weight but i've been tired. Im also anemic and protein deficient, which doesn't help. I think im almost over my respiratory infection. I re-sprained my ankle today on this damn hilly campus. It hurts, and it kept me out of yoga class today. I'll just do some on my own in my room later, i suppose. I cant really focus, and my brain is fuzzy, but i need to write a paper. I have work to do that i cant seem to concentrate on. Im having a movie night and sleepover with my Big Sister, and that'll be nice. I need it. Ill eat ice cream and cry over my feelings.

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