Back from the Hospital

So, i was moved to an inpatient facility a couple of weeks ago. I just got out a couple days ago, so im updating finally! It was, overall, an okay stay. Very regulated, of course, and when we weren't in therapy we were journaling about our day and telling the doctors how we feel. They took down my Cymbalta to 60 mg, doubled my trazodone, and added Abilify. Just started so im only on 5mg. At least i sleep reeeeeally well. Haha.

I really enjoyed being there sometimes. It was nice to get away from the stress of home and school work. We only had two hours of school work per day, so im pretty behind. But, i think ill be okay. I liked being around other people my age with similar problems, even if some didnt seem so similar. Also, as a plus, i got to see a few people get tranquilized due to psychotic outbursts and things like that. Fun stuff.

So, im learning to cope with stress in positive ways, regulate my eating patterns, sleep well at night, meditate, blah blah blah. "Communicate my emotions." I know its all good stuff. And im lucky i have a good counselor who i like and can talk to. Im trying not to overeat but those medications.. they do make it hard. At the hospital, the nurses forgot my birth control pills, so im all messed up and my hormones are out of whack. Sigh.

My puppy is growing up big and healthy (though right now she is still tiny and cute ^.^ ) We adopted her from the shelter two weeks ago. Her name is Memphis, as in Egypt, or as in Tennessee. She's a Golden Retriever mix, but she practically looks full golden. She's beautiful, soft, smart, and sweet as can be. Pictures, yes?

 jacob and memphis
Still sleepy. Nap time.

She is so the love of my life.


  1. I'm glad to hear your stay in hospital went well and you're home and have such a cute puppy. I just got a new kitten a month ago tomorrow. She is so naughty but so so cute. I hope you're new medication goes well too. I just got put on a new anti-d myself last week. Have a good week!

  2. Happy to know all is well. And what a sweet puppy you have! Cute pics.

    I always enjoyed my stays at the hospital.

  3. Love the pix. Hope things continue to improve.

  4. Thanks so much guys!

    (Sairs, Memphis has begun to develop an affinity for going through our laundry hampers. haha. I hope your medications go well, too.)